Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to One of the services Yulish & Associates ("we" or "us" or "our") offers its clients is the delivery of capital account statements and other investor reports (note that all reported figures are preliminary and subject to adjustment upon the fund's year-end audit) directly to fund participants via our secure website We wanted to take this opportunity to answer some commonly asked questions about the site as follows:

  1. Is all information posted on prepared and/or reviewed by Yulish & Associates in its capacity as third party administrator for an investment fund?
  2. How will I know when a document has been uploaded to my account? How do I access my documents?
  3. Can I share account information with advisors or other third-parties?
  4. Can I have one username for all my fund investments?
  5. Will I be able to change my email address or password? What if I forget them?
  6. Why is the portal named Where is the site hosted? What about security?

Yulish & Associates does not provide tax or legal advice. You are urged to consult your own tax and legal advisors. Figures reported on are unaudited and should not be used for tax purposes. Figures are estimates and are subject to year-end audit adjustments.

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